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Zodiac Bracelet

Zodiac Bracelet

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sun/moon       rising/moon

For all the Cosmic Sisters, a personalised bracelet that can hold your additional Astrological signs that are just as important as your sun sign.

Ascendant/Rising Sign:

Your rising sign is a powerful way to see how others see you and an indication of how you present yourself to the outside world. 

Depending on the time and place you were born, your ascendant sign will be determined by the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. The signs change very frequently therefore the time of your birth is essential to get an accurate record of your rising sign. Please try to get your time as accurate as possible, every minute counts!

Moon Sign:

Your moon sign is a good indicator to your inner-self giving you insight to your emotional nature and needs. Your inner-world will hold matters relating to your feelings on safety, security, comforts and what nurtures you. Your Moon sign will play a big part in the way you respond to these areas of your life so once you know your Moon sign, it will be beneficial to learn more about it so you can have a better understanding to your emotional needs.

By entering your personal birth details in the fields required above, you are giving us permission to calculate your rising sign and moon sign for the purposes of personalising your bracelet for you. You can opt to select the 2 signs you would prefer to have engraved such as your sun sign on one side, moon on the reverse or your rising sign on one side with your moon on the reverse. If you are unsure of your time of birth we suggest you opt for the Sun/Moon and enter 12:00pm as your time of birth.

Standard bracelet size measures 18cm long and the gold disc measures 11mm in diameter.

Metal is 14k gold fill with laser engraved detail.

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