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tourmalinated quartz | shadow energies - problem solving

tourmalinated quartz | shadow energies - problem solving

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Tourmalinated Quartz is one of the most effective grounding stones and you will feel the protective shield it surrounds you with turning negativity into positives. It works really well against geopathic and EMF emissions. Effectively it is part Tourmaline and part Quartz so combined makes a powerful mix as it accelerates Tourmalines properties.

Also believed to really work in your favour when you are doing shadow work, bringing light to the surface on what needs to be seen and worked on. It will also support you when you need to break away from destructive patterns from relationships and situations you find yourself in.

Chakra: Protects and cleanses all, especially earth and base

Astrology: Scorpio

Each tumble stone will slightly vary in shape, colour, pattern and size due to their unique qualities and attributes.

Sold in increments of 1 unless told otherwise.

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