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The Big 3

The Big 3

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If you have ever felt that you can not relate to your sun sign, that is because you are so much more than just your sun sign.

The three main astrological focal points for personal understanding are;

  • Sun Sign
  • Moon Sign
  • Rising Sign

Your sun sign will help you discover your life's purpose and where/how you can shine the most. Your moon sign will indicate a deeper sense of your physical and emotional needs. Whilst your rising sign will bring you beneficial insights into the direction your life is steering you in and why. 

To have a clearer picture of where you should be applying you motivation, investing your emotions and bringing life to your inner spirit, get a personalised description of your BIg Three to unlock a better understanding of yourself.

Get ready to push forward towards finding your 'YES' to life!

Please add your birth data in the required fields above to get an accurate reading.

This item will be delivered to you in a pdf that can be read in your own time and re-visited when needed to. This item can take up to 21 days to be emailed to you given the personal work that will go into this reading.

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