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Selenite & Palo Santo Cleansing Set

Selenite & Palo Santo Cleansing Set

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⟠ C L E A N S I N G 

We have lovingly put together several crystal kits for you to use as tools to guide, heal, re-energise and re-connect with yourself.

It is just as important to cleanse our energetic bodies and find the time to reconnect with the universe.

⋗  Everything is Energy  ⋗  Raise Your Vibration  ⋗  Find Your Higher Self  ⋖

With this set you will use the black obsidian to help you stay grounded whilst the selenite will vibrate gently providing you with a 'safe' and peaceful space where outside influences will not overshadow your choices and help you make check with the progress of your plans.

⟠ Palo Santo - is a special tree that grows in South America known as 'holy wood' and is a Native American tradition believed to clear the negative energies around you when you burn the wood. Palo Santo is a sacred, spiritual tool and it's distinctive sweet scent will uplift and help to raise your vibrations to bring a deeper connection to the earth and your divine source. Use the Palo Santo smudge stick to raise your vibration, to visualise the light coming in, to clear all the dense energy, all the negativity, set your new intentions and bring in an abundance of love into you space.  

⟠ Selenite is a crystal of higher grounding absorbing the negative energy and ejecting it upwards. It is calming and great to use during meditation and spiritual work. The name Selenite is derived from the Greek word Selene, meaning “moon.” This protective crystal is known to cleanse other crystals. placing a piece of Selenite in a room will ensure a peaceful atmosphere. Also said to be "an excellent crystal for breastfeeding and nurturing a child." Please note selenite can dissolve in water. This crystal will self clean and you can place smaller crystals on the bar so it cleanses them too. Make sure you give it a 'moon bath' on a full moon to fully charge it with Divine Feminine energy.

⟠ Black obsidian is the stone that will provide support during times that come with stress. It will ground you and enable you to gain self-control. It will repel negativity, clear your mind so you have clarity and diminish confusion. It is also said that when placed under your pillow, it will draw out mental stress and tension. Be sure to cleanse your stone each time you do this to avoid it holding any negative energies that it will draw away from you. Connecting to the Earth is very important to be centred and make you strong. You will be able to survive the hardest storms.

⟠ Dried Olive Tree Leaves - when you burn these leaves the smoke is believed to ward the evil eye away and to protect those around from harm. It is a Greek tradition to burn these during celebrations such as a wedding or when you feel you need to cleanse the home of unwanted negative energies that have entered.

When burning you Palo Santo stick if you are not quite sure what to, if you do not have a prayer ready or are unsure of an intention you'd like to set yet, you can say this simple prayer I found -

"Bless this home and all who enter, please cleanse this home of all stagnant and negative energy, fill this home with light and love and with positive energy of the highest vibration."


*Please note this is a set put together to use as an additional tool towards your inner spiritual healing. It cannot replace any medication you have been prescribed. Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports for healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. Seek professional medical advice for any concerns you may have with regards to your health.

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