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Sage Sister Bundle △

Sage Sister Bundle △

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Cleansing is a very important part of energetic healing.

Burning Sage is an ancient ritual known as 'smudging' to cleanse a space of any negative energies. Smudging can also be used to rid yourself of negativity or on objects. This ritual is commonly used to cleanse crystals.

Sage is also known to have antimicrobial properties whilst White Sage (Salvia apiana) also has antibacterial properties that are useful to use to guard against infectious bacteria and keep viruses at bay.

These White Sage smudge sticks come from an environmentally and sustainable source where they are collected in California. They are of premium quality and will have a fragrant smell when you burn it and it releases smoke.

Smudging has so many beneficial factors including lifting one's mood, dispelling negative and stagnant energy from the home or workspace, to invite more positivity in. 

This beautiful ritual has Native American roots and is practised all over the world. Always be mindful and respectful and burn sage with only the purest of intentions.

Ensure just before you begin to open a door or window to allow the smoke and most importantly negative energy to be pushed out. Make sure you have thought about your intention and have a small prayer or mantra you can repeat as you walk around smudging.

When you are ready to burn your sage stick you will need:

a fireproof vessel

a candle or matches to light your sage stick.

Hold your sage at 45 degrees and allow it to for burn for around 20 seconds. Carefully blow the flame out so you can see orange embers. You will now be ready to smudge your desired space. Be safe when extinguishing your smudge stick and be sure to press the tip firmly in your vessel or in sand. Do not wet it as it will be harder for you to light it the next time you choose to use it.

We highly recommend purchasing one of our abalone shells that can used as a vessel to gather the ash and place your smudge stick in once you have finished cleansing.

Our bundle includes a Selenite bar that can also be used to cleanse your auric field. We have also added the option for you to add a crystal to your bundle. Additional tumble stones relating to your chakras are available as an addition to this smudging bundle. 

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