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Sacred Elephant Incense Sticks ≈

Sacred Elephant Incense Sticks ≈

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Sacred Elephant Luxury incense is handcrafted and traditionally prepared using the highest quality natural ingredients. Made from timeless recipes that have been handed down through the generations. The incense is clean, smooth burning and ideal to suit every mood or meditation.

Prema: In the ancient language of Sanskrit, Prema literally means ' divine love '. The blending of essential oils from five sacred flowers indigenous to India creates this profoundly unique scent ideal for times of romance and intimacy.

Cedar: Deep, woody and balsamic, reminiscent of sandalwood. Cedar Luxury incense has a masculine scent, provocatively rich and spicy. This scent will help to clear your mind, ease tension and stress enabling you to feel more relaxed.

Sayali Jasmine: A sweet but subtle incense . The scent of Sayali Jasmine has long been known to uplift and enliven. The uniqueness of its perfume comes from the fact that it flowers at night, absorbing the sensuality and femininity of the moon’s rays.

Himalayan Musk: Frankincense, Myrrh, Patchouli, Sandalwood and Ambrette seeds. Himalayan Musk Luxury incense is a calming and graceful blend, taking you through your mind and soul deep into the Himalayan mountains.

Sandalwood: A luxurious, exotic fragrance with woody undertones. Sandalwood incense is the most famous and traditional of scents. Used by ancient cultures across the globe for providing a feeling of calmness, serenity, unity and harmony.

Agarwood: Pure Agarwood incense scented with absolute grade Assam Agarwood oil, one of the rarest most precious natural ingredients available. Deep and sensuous with subtle waves of camphor. This cultured fragrance creates a sense of dignified purpose perfect for moments of introspection and meditation.

Myrrh: A deep and engaging meditative experience. Using only absolute grade Myrrh resin to create an alluring and ambrosial incense that carries one to antiquity.

Frankie: It reminds us of everything good about the summer and lights up our world. We're sure you'll feel the same... A bright, exuberant, gentle spirited frankincense made from the purest Omani oils available. Delicate citric headnotes blend into deep, silken coniferous base notes.

Number of Sticks: 10 Sticks Per Box

Burn Time Per Stick: Approximately 40-45 minutes

Country of Origin: India

These luxury incense sticks will also be packed with a wooden incense holder. Palm stones are also recommended to use during meditation.

Vegan | Ethically Produced in India | Pure Essential Oils | No Chemicals | No Synthetic Ingredients | Boxes Printed with Vegetable Dye


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