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rutilated quartz | cosmic light + energy - manifesting abundance

rutilated quartz | cosmic light + energy - manifesting abundance

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Rutilated Quartz is a highly energising crystal and will pave the way for a spiritual awakening. As it is an amplifying crystal, it will powerfully enhance your intuition and make things accelerate quickly. The Rutile content will help to draw away any negative blockages and heal emotional wounds. It will also cleanse the aura and promote spiritual growth.

Rutilated Quartz crystal gets its golden coloured strands from rutile, a mineral made of titanium oxide. They appear as fine gold strands and some call it 'Angel hair' because of this characteristic. It will help you see things you ordinarily may have not seen before and give you the confidence to go ahead with projects and plans you may previously not had the guts to go for. You will be able to focus and get on with the things you should be doing helping you to manifest and activate your intentions. It will attune you to your Divine Purpose and work with the alignment of mind and body.

Chakra: Harmonizes all, aligns the aura

Astrology: All

Planet: Sun

Each tumble stone will slightly vary in shape, colour, pattern and size due to their unique qualities and attributes.

Sold in increments of 1 unless told otherwise.

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