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Moon Card Reading

Moon Card Reading

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This spread is a four card reading to show you what is to be expected in the next Moon cycle for you in it's four main phases:

Waxing Moon

Full Moon

Waning Moon

New Moon

It is advised if you would like a reading for the next lunar phase, to purchase this in advance so it can be booked in the calendar for you. Aim to book it in the last week before the new Moon cycle begins.

If purchased any later than 2 days after the New Moon cycle begins, your reading will be done and sent to you for the following Moon Cycle. 


New Moon Cycle Phases are as follows:

New Moon in Sagittarius: 13th December 2023

New Moon in Capricorn: 11th January 2024

New Moon in Aquarius: 9th February 2024

New Moon in Pisces: 10th March 2024

New Moon in Aries: 8th April 2024 (solar eclipse)


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