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blue lace agate | communication

blue lace agate | communication

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Blue Lace Agate -

Blue lace agate will really help to open the throat chakra to allow expression of your thoughts and emotions. When our throat chakra is blocked it can be quite a challenge to get through most days as we suppress the feelings we can not articulate to talk about. It will continue to clear thoughts of being judged by others and calm us in situations that are stressful by neutralising the anger and frustration we hold within. The feelings that have been repressed will be given a voice and our spiritual truth will rise.

A highly effective stone for those that suffer with speaking their mind and that may have suffered childhood emotional traumas.

Chakra: throat, third eye, heart + crown

Astrology : gemini, pisces

Planet: Mercury

Each tumble stone will slightly vary in shape, colour, pattern and size due to their unique qualities and attributes.

Sold in increments of 1 unless told otherwise. 

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