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Birth Chart Reading

Birth Chart Reading

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This will look closely at revealing the core elements of your spirit, identity and emotional needs. You will also receive deeper insight into how you 'meet the world', and how the world sees you! We will explore how you can maximise your strengths in the areas of life that you seek more reassurance, and look at how you can acknowledge your weaknesses to give them more compassion and understanding.

Personalised Natal Chart - To bring the readings to life, I have designed artwork that will enable you to own your personal chart in a digital or print format. From calculating the degrees of where each planet was at the time, this will be drawn in a creative way for you to enjoy!

Upon placing your order, you will be emailed in due course requesting the information needed for me to proceed.

Please note an accurate birth time, date and location is essential to be able to provide a reading for you.

You will be given the opportunity when providing your birth data to ask up to two questions you may have so that I can focus on any topic of your life if you wish me to do so. This may be in the area of life/work/career/relationships. If not provided, then I will intuitively choose what I feel will be most relevant and helpful to you.

Once I have done your reading which can take up to four weeks to prepare, I will reach out to you to arrange a suitable time for us to share a zoom meeting for your personal 1:1 consultation. As you can understand, this ancient practice takes time in order to achieve great results. Thank you in advance for your patience. Trust me with the process, it will be worth it!

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