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amethyst | stress reliever

amethyst | stress reliever

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Amethyst is the ultimate healing crystal, especially for the mind. It will calm your thoughts when it needs to or stimulate the mind when it needs to focus. It will help when it comes to decision making by bringing in spiritual insight as well as common sense and enable you to visualise the process. Driving away any anger, fear or anxieties that are taking over the mind. Amethyst will bring tranquility to your life helping any insomnia and bringing a restful sleep as well as intuitive dreams. It will also help those that have experienced a loss offering support to the grieving process as well as anyone feeling sad and experiencing overwhelming feelings they are having difficulties coping with.

Chakra: Third eye

Astrology: Aquarius, Pisces

Planet: Jupiter, Neptune

Each tumble stone will slightly vary in shape, colour, pattern and size due to their unique qualities and attributes.

Sold in increments of 6 unless told otherwise. 

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