Collection: Paramythia

A selection of new jewellery pieces built from visiting past Mia Lia collections throughout the years since 2004, made up of original clusters and charms to bring new life to vintage and unused little trinkets that still deserve some love.

This collection all falls under the name 'Paramythi' which means 'fairy tale' in Greek. Each piece will be a mixture of colour, keeping it fun, chic, interesting and eccentric. They will be bold statement pieces to wear and enjoy, and to brighten up any grey days ahead. Imagine all the colourful pockets of the world, carnivals, festivals, country fields, bouquets of flowers, all the quirky characters in the make-believe stories we read whilst growing up, mixed with crystals, stones, amulets and so much more. Be prepared for something original only you will own.

Sustainability is a big ethos Mia Lia lives by since she began her journey making jewellery for women all around the world. Each piece is made to order keeping waste to an absolute minimum with the idea of also keeping it unique, bespoke and special, just like the person wearing the jewellery.

No two will be the exact same, with only a few options you can choose from. If you have a specific request please feel free to add it to the customer comments section on the checkout page where we will read it and be in touch before we make the necklace for you.

Necklace is 14ct gold filled and pendants and clusters will be made up of various crystals, stones, porcelain, resin, pearls, shells, recycled materials and vintage beads.

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