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The Enablers - Pebble Bracelets



For the true bohemian spirits, these bracelets encapsulate all the natural magic that can be found in Mother Nature's raw beauty. Very real to the touch as you get a bigger sense of the energetic stone and crystal healing at hand that you will feel when you wear any of these bracelets.

Each one is different and holds it set purpose with a deeper meaning. Blue crystals are believed to help to re-balance the throat chakra whilst the green crystals are also connected to the heart chakra.

These bracelets are elasticated with either a gold or silver feature. 

Lapis - is your stress releaser that will harmonise your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. When these are all imbalanced this can lead to depression, a dis-ease and a general feeling of lacking your 'purpose' in life. Therefore this is where Lapis will come in and help you gauge a deeper inner knowing of yourself and what is best for you so that you can take control back. It will encourage self expression and an awareness so you can see the bigger picture. It is an extremely high vibrational stone so it will facilitate spiritual journeying to contact spirit guides and mentors. It will also stimulate your psychic awareness and allow deep spiritual insight. 

Epidote in Prehnite - is the crystal of awareness that will heighten the senses and telepathic understanding. If you are a healer be it in therapy or metaphysical work then this is the crystal for you. Prehnite will heal the healer, providing a shield and safe space for you to work within. Connected to the heart chakra this crystal will bring healing to your heart, calm angry emotions and generally will cleanse the whole emotional energy body. It will ease worries and restlessness yet provide you with energy at the same time. Prehnite will enable you to be ready for what is coming next and will show you the way forward for your spiritual growth. This will be your guardian in a time of need.

Larimer - will be the stone to guide you towards your spiritual path with its ethereal properties. A high vibration crystal and connected to the earth goddess, it will particularly help women to restore their connection through nature to find their innate femininity. Larimer will heal heart trauma and remove any self-imposed blockages. It will bring clarity to your thoughts raising your consciousness and bring a more constructive way for thinking to take control of your life in a healthier and more balanced way. You will push your fears you are facing away and allow a freer 'go with the flow' mental approach. Larimer is the stone for anxiety and just holding it alone will bring a deep sense of calm and serenity. Used during meditation, it will bring a deeper connection and will even enable communication with other spiritual realms.

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