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Selenite Palm Stone ☾

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Palm stones are a comforting form of crystal to hold especially during meditation. This particular selenite palm stone fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and feels smooth to the touch.

⟠ Selenite is a crystal of higher grounding absorbing the negative energy and ejecting it upwards. It is calming and great to use during meditation and spiritual work. The name Selenite is derived from the Greek word Selene, meaning “moon.” This protective crystal is known to cleanse other crystals. placing a piece of Selenite in a room will ensure a peaceful atmosphere. Please be aware that selenite can dissolve in water. This crystal will self clean and you can place smaller crystals near so it cleanses them too. Make sure you give it a 'moon bath' on a full moon to fully charge it with Divine Feminine energy.

*Please note this is a set put together to use as an additional tool towards your inner spiritual healing. It cannot replace any medication you have been prescribed. Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports for healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. Seek professional medical advice for any concerns you may have with regards to your health.

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