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Rubellite Rough Crystal 🜃


✧ Rubellite ✧

Rubellite is the crystal that will align the heart and mind by activating the three chambered heart chakra. It will bring passion to life and balance to your emotions with its calming healing energies.

Rubellite helps those that struggle to understand love and open you to accept unconditional love to give and receive willingly from a good place within.  It will also help those that need to overcome abusive situations and destructive relationships by enabling you to step into your own power and take control of what is healthier for you and your well-being.

This crystal also has the ability to infuse vitality into the physical body by unblocking the sacral and base chakras which will energise you and increase creativity on all levels. 

Overall Rubellite is a profound healing crystal and not one of the more common crystals making it even more special to own and use within your spiritual rituals.

Rubellite is a rarer form of pink to red tourmaline with quartz as shown here in its raw form.


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