Pleaides Star Stack Rings


The perfect stack ring set with individual yellow gold rings with two that adorn tiny gold stars.

You can play around with the order you wear them in and how many you wear to change your style. Also great worn with your own rings for a more individual and personal look.

Inspired by the 'Seven Sisters Stars' 

Seven Sisters 

Sterope – Merope – Electra – Maia – Taygeta - Celano – Alcyone ­

It is believed in Greek Mythology Zeus immortalised the sisters by placing them in the sky. There the seven stars that formed the star cluster known as the Pleiades. We have also added their father Atlas and mother Pleione to make up all 9 members of the Pleiades

14K gold filled 

*Available in 3 sizes S, M, L however we can make them up to your size if you enquire first.

Size Chart

Size S - ring size K, Size S+ - ring size L

Size M - ring size M

Size L - ring size N

Please note this item may take 7-10 days to be delivered.

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