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Orange Calcite Keepsake Bracelet




'Drive & Success'

These bracelets are designed to be worn everyday all day. Whichever stone chosen depending on it's known properties will promote your well-being and karma. With our signature star charm now centred in our new design so it can hold a special wish for the wearer and bring them good fortune and prosperity. Start collecting your favourite colours today or buy for a loved one to wish them well.

Orange-Calcite is a powerful energy amplifier and cleanser. It will enhance all the gifts that you possess and get rid of the pollution that’s present in your body and light body. This stone will show you how you can make space for new ways of living, for fresh ideas, and for other sources of inspiration.

Orange-Calcite will increase your drive and motivation. It will help you boost your efforts in achieving what you want out of life. It will work wonders in your life, especially when it comes to love, romance, and relationships. This is because it will help reduce your emotional fears and give you the courage be happy in love.

This stone will give you emotional release. All the feelings that you have locked away in your heart will come pouring out of you, and this will make you feel so much lighter. It will heal your emotional pain so that you can be at peace within. The healing energies of this stone will also show you how you can forgive and move forward with your life.

It will increase the flow of positive energies in your body so that the negative energies will be dispelled.

*Please note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

Hand made bracelet is made with natural calcite beads and measures 7" long. Note the colour can vary slightly to the image displayed due to the stones natural properties.

Star charm is sterling silver or gold vermeil with a matching metal clasp.

Comes in a gift pouch. If more than one bracelet is purchased we may group them together in packaging unless otherwise requested.

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