Mini-Disc Stamped Bracelet


Dream Big Mama ⋆❤︎⋆ So many things to stamp on the new mini disc bracelet and necklaces. Choose a special date, name, initials, mini quote or a symbol, the options are endless

Please enter your personalisation request in the box above.

To add heart symbol please add <3 and * for star. We also can add the '&' sign.

Up to 6 letters maximum including symbols.

Each disc is individually hand stamped and custom made to order in our studio. No two pendants will be the same as they are all hand stamped and made to order. Irregularities will add character and add to the uniqueness of each piece making it more personalised and special to you. 

One size fits all. Disc is sterling silver and thread is 100% silk.

*If you opt for an additional thread please include the colour of the additional thread you would like in the personalisation box.

Comes attached on a mini card in a velvet pouch.

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