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Meditation Burner Kit ⏀


Incense Sticks

Sacred Elephant incense sticks with a burner and Tigers Eye palm stone will make the perfect meditation gift for yourself or someone you know that needs to start taking some time out for themselves.


⟠ - Tigers Eye - is a grounding stone connected to the sacral chakra to bring back the fire in your intentions. Tiger's eye will direct you towards your inner-strength, bravery and determination.

It will inspire creativity and guide you towards using your abilities and talents for greater good. It will strengthen your clarity to manifest at the highest level.

This stone will clear your head and help you focus on your goals. It will banish fear and help you to take the necessary steps forward in achieving your dreams.

⟠ - Wooden incense burner with crescent moon and star design.

⟠ - 1 box of 10 incense sticks 

Himalayan Musk: Frankincense, Myrrh, Patchouli, Sandalwood and Ambrette seeds. Himalayan Musk Luxury incense is a calming and graceful blend, taking you through your mind and soul deep into the Himalayan mountains.

Cedar: Deep, woody and balsamic, reminiscent of sandalwood. Cedar Luxury incense has a masculine scent, provocatively rich and spicy. This scent will help to clear your mind, ease tension and stress enabling you to feel more relaxed.

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