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'Love Thou' Ritual Kit

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Additional Bath Salt Potions

We have lovingly put together several crystal kits for you to use as tools to guide, heal, re-energise and re-connect with yourself.

It is just as important to cleanse our energetic bodies and reconnect with the universe.

⋗  Everything is Energy  ⋗  Raise Your Vibration  ⋗  Find Your Higher Self  ⋗

With this ritual kit you will use the rose quartz to aid in opening your heart chakra, to allow the love to pour in for unconditional love.

Use the Palo Santo smudge stick to cleanse all the negative energy. Palo Santo is a sacred, spiritual tool known as 'holy wood' from South America to help cleanse your energies. It's distinctive sweet scent will uplift and help to raise your vibrations to bring a deeper connection to the earth and your divine source.

Selenite is a crystal of higher grounding absorbing the negative energy and ejecting it upwards. It is calming and great to use during meditation and spiritual work Place it close to the bath but not in as it will dissolve. The name Selenite is derived from the Greek word Selene, meaning “moon.” This protective crystal is known to cleanse other crystals

The quartz point will amplify and intensify the other crystals energies and are known for their clear channeling powers to set your intentions in motion.

Your well-being is the most important thing. Remember that before you can care for others, you must care for yourself first. Fill your heart, soul and very being with an abundance of love so that the energy will vibrate from within and spread to all those around you. Love is the most powerful force, so live it!

Crystal healing kit contains the following items:

⟠ Rose Quartz

⟠ Selenite

⟠ Clear Quartz Point

⟠ Palo Santo Stick

⟠ Dried Rose Petals

⟠ Bath Love Potion (mixture of Himalayan and organic sea salt with rose and camellia seed essence oils)

This makes a beautiful gift for a special friend or loved one.

A powerful way to align with the universe is to tune in with the moon and set intentions with the phases of the moon.

  • The New Moon is for new beginnings, starting new projects and planting new seeds.

  • The Waxing Moon is for actioning your new ideas and bringing life to them.
  • The Full Moon is a powerful time for manifestations, making decisions and releasing what no longer serves you.

  • The Waning Moon is a time of reflection and to look into situations and habits that no longer serve you, releasing them, to make space for new blessings in your life.


*Please note this is a healing kit put together to use as an additional tool towards your inner spiritual healing. It cannot replace any medication you have been prescribed. Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports for healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. Seek professional medical advice for any concerns you may have with regards to your health.


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