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Love Meditation Burner Kit ⏀



Sacred Elephant incense sticks with a burner and rough Rose Quartz crystal will make the perfect meditation gift for yourself or someone you know that needs to start taking some time out for some self-love and self-care.


⟠ Rose Quartz - is the stone of love. The one to promote self-love, self-care and self-acceptance. It will facilitate an unconditional love between you and the ones that matter the most.

It will heal your heart and open you to receiving and giving love without sacrificing yourself or putting yourself last. It will help you create boundaries to protect yourself and stand firm where needed.

Perfection will be a thing of the past that will no longer matter as you forgive the past and accept the present. A crystal to help with grief and loss, overcome addictions and any self harming thoughts you may of had.


⟠ - Wooden incense burner with crescent moon and star design.

⟠ - 1 box of 10 incense sticks 


Rose: Deep, sweet and floral. Rose Luxury incense is made using only the purest high grade Rose oils and petals. The perfect incense to burn during a bath ritual for the ultimate winding down session.

Vraja Leela: A fusion of tender Jasmine, and Rose along with subtle hints of Lavender and Sandalwood. Vraja Leela Luxury incense is a spirited fragrance, ideal for stimulating the senses.

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