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Inner Vision Pebble Bracelets



For the true bohemian spirits, these bracelets encapsulate all the natural magic that can be found in Mother Nature's raw beauty. Very real to the touch as you get a bigger sense of the energetic crystal healing at hand you will feel when you wear any of these bracelets.

Each one is different and holds it set purpose with a deeper meaning. The crystals selected here are chosen to work with your third eye chakra that will awaken what some believe to be the sixth sense, the 'eye of insight'.

When our inner sight is activated that is when inner wisdom begins to speak to us and come through to the outside raising intuition and belief in yourself. Outside influences will not control your thoughts as much as they so often do and inner sight will become your outer vision.

Bracelets are elasticated with an eye bead and silver finishes. if you would rather no eye bead to be used please say in the customer comments box section on the checkout page.

Labradorite -

A highly protective stone, Labradorite will prevent others negative thoughts or actions being taken on. It is an energy protector so good for those who work with others to be able to block out unwanted energies and stop leakage of energies. A bringer of light, Labradorite will raise consciousness aligning the physical and etheric bodies. It will pull in spiritual power. It will inject life into new ideas, help you visualise these and bring them into your practical world. Your faith will be heightened in believing in the occurrences of the right timing of situations and restoring your trust into the universe and all its magical powers. Labradorite is also believed to treat eye disorders.

Azurite -

This stone is a third eye activator that will enable you to journey out of the body. Mentally Azurite will bring clearer understanding and help you to see new perspectives. It will also help those that may speak out of nervousness to be more in control as it calms you and makes self expression easier. You will find you can move into the unknown without your usual fear as it amplifies the energy flow through your nervous system. For those with core beliefs that could do with being challenged, this crystal will open the path for you by letting more light in on your emotions to examine your truth. This is the stone to facilitate that mental processing if needed. You will be able to see and believe new systems and ways that will help you align body and mind and allow spiritual guidance through. A very powerful healing stone, wear this bracelet on your right hand to absorb the high vibration frequency it will transmit.

Amazonite -

Amazonite is commonly known as being associated with the throat and heart chakras but it will also open the third eye. This will raise your intuition level and also help you see all sides to a problem or situation. Amazonite will also help dispel electromagnetic pollutants around you, particularly important to be able to block out all the geopathic stress at the moment as we increase our daily usage of electronic devices we all rely on. It is a soothing stone aiding relief to those that have suffered from past traumas and it will balance the masculine and feminine energies allowing you to align with the universe and live in a more harmonious way. You will find this bracelet even more beneficial by wearing it on the side you hold your phone to reduce any EMF's.


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