Clover Charm Keepsake Bracelet

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A beautiful handmade beaded bracelet with a polished sterling silver four leaf clover charm.

These bracelets are designed to be worn everyday all day, no matter what event or outfit you are wearing.

Whichever stone chosen depending on it's known properties will promote your well-being and karma. So start collecting your favourite colours today or buy for a loved one to wish them well.

Green Aventurine is said to bring luck and prosperity to those who wear it and when worn as a beaded bracelet it is thought to bring success. Green Aventurine is a gentle supporting and comforting stone. It is a good all round healer and can calm anger and irritation while stimulating emotional recovery. Green Aventurine can reinforce leadership qualities and decisiveness and can help us to see alternatives and possibilities, gently encouraging us to persevere. It is a good stone for those pushing themselves outside their comfort zone.

This bracelet also comes with a individual stone properties cards outling the main healing and energy properties of the stones making it an ideal gift.

Your bracelet will come in a gift pouch.

Made from:

Semi precious stones with sterling silver clover charm and silver clasp.


Bracelet measures 17.78cm (7") long but can be made to any size if you wish. Clover charm measures 11mm at widest point.

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