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Clear Quartz Palm Stone ⊹

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Meditation Kit

⊵ Clear quartz is the magnifier that will amplify and intensify the other crystals energies that you place it close to.

⊵ Also known for its clear channeling powers to set your intentions in motion, you will find that once programmed, with this crystal in your life, the sky is the limit.

⊵ This high vibration crystal will intensify anything you set it to do including your focus and the white light will enable you to cleanse your energy. It will help you be in alignment with your highest self and energise and balance your mind, body and spirit.

⊵ This palm stone is available to be purchased on it's own or as part of a healing kit that has been put together with the purpose to help achieve a deeper relaxation and a release to enable your higher self to connect with your mind and allow it the space it needs to redirect your thoughts in a more positive way. You will also be able to teach your mind to focus better as you practise being still and serene.

Sage will cleanse your space of all negativity and its distinct aroma will help to place you in a divine space to allow for a deeper relaxation to take place.

△ Burning Sage is an ancient ritual known as 'smudging' to cleanse a space of any negative energies. Smudging can also be used to rid yourself of negativity or on objects. This ritual is commonly used to cleanse crystals.

Smudging has so many beneficial factors including lifting one's mood, dispelling negative and stagnant energy from the home or workspace and to invite more positivity in. 


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