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Clear Quartz Clusters ✧



✧ Clear Quartz Clusters ✧

These clear quartz clusters will radiate energy in all directions wherever you place them. Beautiful to just look at when used for decorative purposes but do not underestimate the power they hold within. They will amplify all that you intend or place close to and bring light into your world and your space. Clear quartz can be programmed to do pretty much anything so if you only ever owned one crystal, this would be the one!

Clear quartz will magnify and cleanse all it points towards and will work on a high vibration. It is a purifier and master healer. It will bring harmony and enable you to connect to your higher self bringing balance to the body and all the chakra points. The clear crystal tip points on these clusters are good for those embarking on a spiritual journey as this will contribute towards the progression of your spiritual growth. Any rainbows found within the crystal are believed to be signs of joy and happiness. No doubt you will have fun looking for them in these little dazzling crystal wonders.

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