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Balance, Love + Strength Set ♎︎


Build yourself up and be ready for anything that will come your way.

Your well-being is the most important thing. Remember that before you can care for others, you must care for yourself first. Fill your heart, soul and very being with an abundance of love so that the energy will vibrate from within and spread to all those around you. Love is the most powerful force, so live it!

⟠ Pink & Grey Agate

⟠ Moss Agate

⟠ Rose Quartz

⟠ Palo Santo 

☯︎ Pink & Grey Agate - will be your soul cleanser healing the heart and to allow for forgiveness and self acceptance. It will diminish all that is not serving you for the highest good of your soul and well-being. A stone to connect a parent and a child as well as being a comfort healer if a child is being bullied, they can carry it in their pocket with them for protection. The stone to harmonise and balance the positive and negatives and bring a calming and soothing feeling into your life.

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Description automatically generated Moss Agate - is your earth stone bringing you closer to nature. Also known to be a stone for new beginnings and used as a birthing crystal and ideal for midwives to have as a support tool whilst at work. Moss agate will also strengthen the mind and beneficial to those suffering from depression. It will balance your emotions and help you release fears and stress. You will feel more encouraged to be social and it will bring your positive personalty strengths to the forefront. Also a stone of wealth so when you set your mind to a project it will help you channel your energy in the right direction.

♡ Rose Quartz - is the stone of love, the one to promote self-love, self-care, self-acceptance. It will facilitate an unconditional love between you and the ones that matter the most. It will heal your heart and open you to receiving and giving love without sacrificing yourself or putting yourself last. It will help you create boundaries to protect yourself and stand firm where needed. Perfection will be a thing of the past that will no longer matter as you forgive the past and accept the present. A crystal to help with grief and loss, overcome addictions and any self harming thoughts you may of had.

△ Palo SantoUse the Palo Santo smudge stick to cleanse all the negative energy in your chosen space. Palo Santo is a sacred, spiritual tool known as 'holy wood' from South America to help cleanse your energies. It's distinctive sweet scent will uplift and help to raise your vibrations to bring a deeper connection to the earth and your divine source.

*Please note this is a healing kit put together to use as an additional tool towards your inner spiritual healing. It cannot replace any medication you have been prescribed. Healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports for healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. Seek professional medical advice for any concerns you may have with regards to your health.

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