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Ruby Helios Necklace



A beautiful natural grade A Ruby crystal beaded necklace in deep pinkish red tones. Combined with a moonstone gem to set 'new beginnings' for the new season. Worn in the images with sun and moon pendants as a choker and also wrapped around the wrist and worn as a bracelet.

Choose the option above to also have it made as a single bracelet if you do not want to wrap it.

Ruby is believed to promote and encourage passion, concentration, and self-love. A grounding stone that is believed to project energy and enthusiasm for life when you are feeling particularly exhausted and lethargic. A wonderful crystal to improve your motivation and help you to set goals again whilst stimulating leadership in your work field.

Also believed to assist in positive dreams and remove negativity from the mind and your surroundings.

Ruby is connected to the Root and base chakra. Using grounding stones is highly beneficial as you connect to the Earth and release any excess energy then in return, you will also receive some earth energy to ground and balance you.

Choker necklace measures 36cm long

Bracelet measures 18cm long

Please note this a 'made to order' item and therefore can be made to any desired size. A small additional charge will apply if the size needs to be increased.

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