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Clear Quartz Keepsake Bracelet




"Clear quartz crystals are the supreme gift by Mother Earth"

The windows of light, clear quartz will open your mind and heart and will amplify whatever intentions and the energy you put into it. A healers stone, this is the purest visually as well as metaphysically. 

For those needing some clarity, clear quartz will help you to visualise and clear energy blockages to allow the energy to flow throughout the body as it should. Associated with the crown chakra this will raise your vibration to connect you with your higher self. Clear quartz crystal will also harmonise all your chakra points to keep you stay tip top, releasing impurities.

It will help you with concentration and unlock memories. It will absorb, release and help cleanse your soul and find balance from inside out. As this is an amplifying crystal, it is a good idea to cleanse this crystal once in a while to eliminate any negativity it may pick up as you wear it daily. A very durable crystal so you can feel at ease wearing it daily as it absorbs and re-energises with the sun and moonlight.

The clear quartz will help you manifest your set goals much quicker and provide you with clear thoughts to stay on track. If you want speed and change together, this is the crystal for you.

This bracelet can be made elasticated or threaded on wire with a clasp. There is also the option to have a charm bead added as shown in the images. The charm in the main image is a gold plated merkuba star.

Bracelet measures 18cm long but can be made to any desired length as everything is made to order.

*Please note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. Seek professional medical advice for any concerns you may have with regards to your health.


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