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Evia Necklace



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Gold elephant pendant with a rice pearl on a delicate gold open link chain.

Elephants have long been a great symbol of greatness showing strength, power, leadership, will, intent, pride and patience.

One of the oldest and wisest animals, if it is your chosen totem animal you can wear this as you power through being the 'mother of your herd'. Protecting those near you as a sense of duty or naturally being the 'carer' and most loyal in your circle, you will always be ready to fight a battle to protect the ones you love and know you need to be self-less for the good of others. Family love is a great thing and a great way to learn how to connect with others. 

As a spiritual guide, Elephants will lean you towards a deeper understanding of the Maiden and Mother roles and to re-connect with your own feminine attributes when needed to.

'Evia' will be a great totem either way whether you are looking for spiritual guidance or you just a lover of this remarkable animal.


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