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Phase 1205 ⚪︎ ' Intention' Keepsake Bracelets 🜃



*NEW MOON PHASE in GEMINI - 20th May 2020*


A collection of bracelets made for each lunation to fit in with the lunar cycle that will contribute towards the intentions you will set yourself during the new moon phase.

These bracelets have been designed with the purpose to help with your well-being and remind you to take time out and reconnect with yourself, the universe and your needs. It is time to raise your vibrations. 

The new moon begins in Taurus this Friday and then swiftly enters Gemini by Saturday. This cycle will be all about creativity, spontaneity and openly talking about your feelings. A time to be free, experiment and be the best version of you. It is time to get things off the ground after spending the last lunar phase grounding and stabilising ourselves, establishing a firm understanding of who we are and where we feel we belong. The time has also come to be vocal about our feelings, our needs, and to enjoy being creative. Set your goals with confidence, big or small it doesn't matter, the most important thing is to form independence with yourself and the self-belief that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. The third eye activators within my chosen crystals this month with give you insight and the ability to visualise beyond the present circumstances. Also connecting with the ethereal realms to expand your imagination into how you can see your near future unfold.

A good way to choose a crystal is to close your eyes and

Take a deep breath -

• Feel the air expand in and out of your chest. 

Take another deep breath -

• What does your soul tell you? Listen to the small voice inside you.

Take a final third deep breath and slowly open your eyes -

Select the bracelet you are most drawn to and then read the detailed description explaining its healing properties below.

You are being called by the universe. If it doesn't resonate with you in this moment, it will soon. Trust and believe in your own decisions. Your inner voice has spoken to you.

The chosen stones and crystals for this lunar cycle have been made with either a symbolic charm or additional stone added to them to balance the energetic healing the crystal will offer you through its vibrations.

🜃 Lepidolite will have a Citrine pebble.

🜃 Blue Aventurine will be available with Tigers Eye or Aura Quartz.

🜃 Iolite will have a silver eye pendant.

🜃 Selenite will have a Prehnite pebble.


'The transformer'

Lepidolite will bring you a new state of cosmic consciousness and take you forward into the future. It particularly works with the throat, heart and third eye chakras, clearing any blockages to allow the energy fields in this area to flow freely so we can travel to our ethereal world for a higher consciousness connection.  Lepidolite is also believed to be a stone of transformation aiding you to get through transitions trusting that all will turn out for the best as intended. It creates and optimises self-love and patience, making one hopeful for what is to come.

Lepidolite will encourage independence and achieving your goals without outside help. This will help you during a time you may feel alone or without a support network within your reach. It will also help you stand in confidence within you own space enhancing ownership free from the influences of others. Emotionally Lepidolite is also one of the best crystal healers helping to decrease stress, anxiety and depression bringing deep emotional healing. Some would use it to help against panic attacks, addictions, anger and other traumas that may have been faced so you can overcome addictive or obsessive patterns.

Lepidolite is also a crystal that is also good for clearing electromagnetic pollutants 

Blue Aventurine

'The voice to your heart'

Blue aventurine is one of the most powerful mental healers as it calms any irritations and anger that comes from within. During uncertain times, this crystal will remind you of your self-worth and the belief that everything is possible. A stone known to enhance your creativity, it will help you to express yourself through the arts which is very fitting as we enter a free and creative lunar phase in Gemini.

It will provide support for those of us going out of our comfort zones whilst protecting the heart and balancing the male and female energies. Aventurine also encourages regeneration of the heart. A stone of prosperity, it will reinforce your leadership qualities and decision making, particularly crucial when you have no-one else to consult with or bounce off from during social distancing. You will see new possibilities and it will serve you therapeutically through troubled times. An all-round healer to bring comfort and harmony to your life bringing your intellectual and emotional bodies to a balance. 

Wearing Aventurine will also absorb electromagnetic smog and protect you from environmental pollutants. Great for those that have most likely increased their mobile phone usage in the current circumstances.

Iolite (violet)

'The visionary'

Iolite is the crystal that will activate your third eye and enable you to visualise and have intuitive insight as it stimulates your 'inner knowing' when your chakras are in alignment. Iolite can help you to clear thought patterns that do not serve you for the highest of good and frees you in particular of relationships where you co-depend on your partner to be able to take responsibility for yourself. Independence is key at the moment, especially if you are currently living alone as it will free you from others expectations and allow you to express your true self in confidence. This crystal is also known to help those that can benefit from understanding and realising the cause of any addictions you may struggle with in order to make sense of it all. Iolite also gives off an electrical charge that re-energses the field.

Selenite (white)

'The cleanser'

Selenite is a crystal of higher grounding absorbing the negative energy and ejecting it upwards. It is calming and great to use during meditation and spiritual work. The name Selenite is derived from the Greek word Selene, meaning “moon.” This protective crystal is known to cleanse other crystals. placing a piece of Selenite in a room will ensure a peaceful atmosphere. Please be aware that selenite can dissolve in water. This crystal will self clean and you can place smaller crystals near so it will cleanse any others crystal bracelets you are wearing too but make sure you remove it if you are coming into contact with water. Also ensure you give it a 'moon bath' on a full moon (Friday 5th June) to fully charge it with Divine Feminine energy.

*Please note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. Seek professional medical advice for any concerns you may have with regards to your health.

Bracelets are elasticated and should be rolled on to avoid over stretching and weakening the elastic cord.

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