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Phase 1204 ⚪︎ ' Intention' Keepsake Bracelets 🜃



*NEW MOON in TAURUS - 23rd April 2020*


A collection of bracelets made for each lunation to fit in with the lunar cycle that will contribute towards the intentions you will set yourself during the new moon phase.

These bracelets have been designed with the purpose to help with your well-being and remind you to take time out and reconnect with yourself, the universe and your needs. It is time to raise your vibrations. 

The new moon in Taurus is an Earth sign so this cycle will be all about grounding yourself firmly and establishing a routine that is most likely slower than your usual one. Now is the time to slow down, to feel, and to enjoy even the smallest of things. Take your time with with all that you do in your daily routine, there is no rush to complete anything. Plant your seeds and re-energise as you watch them grow. This is your time to thrive in the most natural way and be one with nature. Root yourself into Mother Earth, she will be your friend in a time of need. Be present in every moment. Smell the flowers, feel the grass blades beneath the soles of your feet and hear the notes the breeze will play as she passes you. You are worthy of the space you take up. It belongs to you. 

Through being present, you will see in this moon phase that it will hold some of your most magickal moments, you will be making memories you will cherish for years to come. Hold those close to you and fall in love with the universe as if it were the first time you experienced it. Watch how your dreams unfold. Look for the good in everything and everyone and spread love and joy where you can.

A good way to choose a crystal is to close your eyes and

Take a deep breath -

• Feel the air expand in and out of your chest. 

Take another deep breath -

• What does your soul tell you? Listen to the small voice inside you.

Take a final third deep breath and slowly open your eyes -

Select the bracelet you are most drawn to and then read the detailed description explaining its healing properties below.

You are being called by the universe. If it doesn't resonate with you in this moment, it will soon. Trust and believe in your own decisions. Your inner voice has spoken to you.

The chosen stones and crystals for this lunar cycle have been made with either a symbolic charm or additional stone added to them to balance the energetic healing the crystal will offer you through its vibrations.

🜃 Tree Agate will have a leaf charm.

🜃 Lotus Jasper will have a crescent moon charm.

🜃 Dalmatian will have a chrysoprase pebble

🜃 White Agate will have a Rhodonite rondel bead.

Tree Agate (white/green)

'The earth healer'

Tree Agate is an environmental healer and particularly effective for those that work in agriculture. Due to the crystal's strong connection with the plant kingdom it will deepen your connection to Earth. This crystal will also centre you in times of conflict and disorder bringing you stability when it is needed the most. Difficulties will be faced more as compelling challenges that you will feel safer and secure to take on in order to best decide what needs be done. This stone will encourage a positive outlook on yourself and others protecting you from unwanted negativity. Tree Agate is also believed to support the immune system and fight off infections. Wearing this bracelet will connect you to the energy of nature and her spirits.

Lotus Jasper (mint green/black)

'The Aligner'

Lotus Jasper is your stone for balancing the body with the etheric realm. It will bring you into alignment and only allow positive white light into your aura. It is deeply nurturing and will support you during times of stress. You will feel more tranquil and relaxed in unsettled times and feeling stronger emotionally. It will help those overcoming addictions and compulsive behaviour. It will help you create fairness and justice around you, especially for those that work as healers and therapists and those that care for others. Another Earth healer that will stabilise and settle land that has been under stress. Good for those renovating and on big build projects.

Dalmatian (Spot speckles)

'The BFF'

Dalmatian is the stone that will attune to the child within everyone. It will bring back the fun elements in everything you encounter instilling a more playful approach therefore great for those that suffer with depression as it lifts the mood and aids as a 'pick me up'. It will push you to move forward with life yet still enable you to consider and reflect based on the circumstances how you can do this with the best possible intention. A grounding and centring stone that will link you to Mother Earth through your earth star chakra. It will help you to get out of your head and into your body stopping excessive over analysing with your mind. The Tourmaline in Dalmatian will transform negative energy and outworn patterns.

White Agate 

'The Bonder'

A centring and grounding stone, White Agate will facilitate a connection to your higher crown chakras so you can bring spiritual messages down to Earth in your present. It will also enable you to hold sacred space for yourself, teach you to love and respect yourself giving you an inner peace, calming an over stimulating mind and ease panic attacks. A particularly special stone for Mother's to be helping them to reach that deeper bond between during conception and pregnancy for mother and baby and the supporting that loving nurturing that will happen after birth.

*Please note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. Seek professional medical advice for any concerns you may have with regards to your health.

Bracelets are elasticated and should be rolled on to avoid over stretching and weakening the elastic cord.

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