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Phase 1203 ⚪︎ ' Intention' Keepsake Bracelet



*NEW MOON in Aries △ - 24th March 2020 *

A collection of bracelets made for each lunation to fit in with the lunar cycle that will contribute towards the intentions you will set for the new moon phase.

These bracelets have been designed with the purpose to help you with your well-being and remind you to take time out and reconnect with yourself, the universe and your needs. Raising your vibration 

The new moon is in Aries on this lunar phase we are going in and being a fire sign, expect some large measures of energy! If not used correctly, this high powered energy can lead to a lot of anger and frustration, particularly during this challenging time for us all globally.

Make sure you use this internal fire for the higher good, to fuel your passions towards something defining for you and others around you in this present time. Get ready to set your new moon intentions! 🔥

A good way to choose a crystal is to close your eyes and

Take a deep breath -

• Feel the air expand in and out of your chest. 

Take another deep breath -

• What does your soul tell you? Listen to the small voice inside you.

Take a final third deep breath and slowly open your eyes -

Select the bracelet you are most drawn to and then read the detailed description explaining its healing properties below.

You are being called by the universe. If it doesn't resonate with you in this moment, it will soon. Trust and believe in your own decisions. Your inner voice has spoken to you.

The chosen stones and crystals for this lunar cycle have all had a grounding stone added to them to assist you to connect with the Earth. 

△ Aventurine will have a rhodonite bead

 Calcite will have a hematite bead

 Howlite will have a snowflake obsidian bead.

Green Aventurine

'The heart healer'

Green aventurine during uncertain times is definitely the crystal to remind you of your self-worth and the belief that everything is possible. A stone known to enhance your creativity, it will help you to express yourself through the arts. This will be very therapeutic through troubled times. It will provide support for those of us going out of our comfort zones whilst protecting and healing the heart. It will dissolve negative thoughts and emotions, calming anger and unwanted irritations. An all-round healer to bring comfort and harmony to your life bringing your intellectual and emotional bodies to a balance. 


'The uplifter'

Yellow calcite in particular as the one displayed is the colour to use with your higher crown and solar plexus. Calcite in general is a powerful cleanser to remove negative energies, especially if placed in a room. When on the body it will remove stagnant energy. This crystal will connect you to your higher self, accelerating spiritual development. It will have a positive effect on your mindset when you feel you have lost hope or motivation. It will calm your mind and help you to rationalise all the information being thrown at you with composure. Whilst being an uplifting stone, calcite will also enable a deeper relaxation, so perfect wear whilst meditating. It will cleanse the negativity making it possible to have more clarity in your thoughts, helping you to recognise greater opportunities coming your way.



'The relaxer'

Howlite will teach you patience supporting you to feel less stressed and dissolve the anxiety when it all starts to feel like it is getting on top of you. It will help to remove rage and unbounded anger. It will calm unsettled emotions helping you to to reason and see past the present situation you may be finding overwhelming.

Overall, a calming, soothing and protecting stone, helping you to slow everything down, stop overreacting, getting angry and rest, especially for those that have difficulty with sleeping.



Tigers Eye (Red Tigers Eye coming soon)

'The enabler'

Tiger's eye will direct you towards your inner-strength, bravery and determination. It will inspire creativity and guide you towards using your abilities and talents for greater good. It will strengthen your clarity to manifest at the highest level. This stone will clear your head and help you focus on your goals. It will banish fear and help you to take the necessary steps forward in achieving your dreams.


*Please note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. Seek professional medical advice for any concerns you may have with regards to your health.

Bracelets are elasticated and should be rolled on to avoid over stretching and weakening the elastic cord.

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