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Beryl Morganite Star Drop Bracelet



Beryl Morganite keepsake bracelet with a star charm in the centre.

Morganite is believed to help support the heart, strengthening its energy field and helping to establish the heart's natural dominance in the aura.
The energy of morganite opens and clears the heart chakra and promotes the healing of fear, resentment and anger. It is excellent for ridding yourself of attachment to past relationships that have ended badly or about which you feel unresolved.

Morganite helps reduce stress and the pressure to succeed. It brings an awareness of the needs of the soul that you have ignored. This stone helps you act upon your feelings, helping you attract your soul mate or deepen your current relationships. It can be used to bring feelings of peace and acceptance when you are facing grief or deep loss. This stone helps you identify the attitudes, past wounds and habitual relationship patterns that may be standing in the way of engaging your soul partner.
Morganite assists you to let go off overriding ambition and to experience the joy of engaging in spiritual activities that serve neither gain or success.
Morganite helps you in connecting to Divine love and the angelic heart. It helps you to be receptive of the loving words, actions and energy of others and to be less protective of your emotional vulnerability. It teaches protection through love rather than fear. 

Bracelet measures 18cm long and is made to order.

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